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Limited Use Agreement

All photographs, text, and the design of this web site are protected under US and international copyright laws and remain the sole and exclusive property of Chris Carvalho.  You may reproduce text or bitmapped images downloaded from the Lensjoy.com web site for your personal, non-commercial use only, including use in your own web pages when you provide proper copyright notice and credit as shown below.  Reproduction for sale or any other commercial purpose is strictly prohibited.  Unlicensed use of images for lobbying purposes is commercial use and is prohibited.  The image must include one of the following copyright notices:

 " Chris Carvalho" or " lensjoy.com" or " Chris Carvalho lensjoy.com"

in legible form either on the image itself or located next to the image.  Thumbnail images at this site do not have the copyright notice in the image so you must include text next to the image when thumbnails are reproduced.  Any images displayed on the Internet must be linked to this web site. Purchase of a print does not constitute a license for reproduction or commercial use of the image.  

When you create a link to this web site, either by clicking on the displayed image itself or through a hyperlink in adjacent text, if you want a separate window to open so your website window doesn't disappear on the client computer, include the target="_blank" attribute in your HTML code, as shown below:  

<a href="http://www.lensjoy.com" target="_blank">Tsagiglalal</a>

In situations where clicking on an image displayed on a web page enlarges the image or links to another page not on the Lensjoy.com web site, the link to Lensjoy.com must be included in text next to the smaller image in order to be in compliance with this agreement.  

Images may not be cropped, modified, retouched, artistically stylized, or altered in any way that allows them to be reproduced with clearer detail or higher resolution than the image presented in the Lensjoy.com image collection at this web site.  For stock use and license information on high-resolution digital copies of these images contact Lensjoy.com. 

Text reproduced from this web site must quote Chris Carvalho as the author and include a citation indicating Lensjoy.com as the publishing source.  

Unauthorized reproduction, sale, or publication of any part of this web site by any method without the express written permission of Chris Carvalho will constitute copyright infringement and will be prosecuted to the full extent of federal and international copyright law.  

"Lensjoy" and "Lensjoy.com" are trademarks applying to printed and/or electronic photographic image products from Chris Carvalho and Lensjoy.com LLC.  


Lensjoy.com LLC Nature and Landscape Photography
All images, text, and design copyright Chris Carvalho.  Reproduction restricted to terms of the Limited Use Agreement.

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