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American Forests

Satellite imagery of deforestation in urban areas (Link to report) This page contains reports for major urban areas across the US.  Satellite photos are inside individual reports.  The image below, used with permission, shows deforestation in and around  the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area between 1972 and 2000.  This large-scale loss of forest contributes  to global warming, sewage overflows into the Willamette River, and increased drought.  

Above image courtesy of American Forests

Lawton, R. O., U. S. Nair, R. A. Pielke Sr., R. M. Welch.  "Climatic Impact of Tropical Lowland Deforestation on Nearby Montane Cloud Forests." Science 294.5542, October 19, 2001: pp. 584 - 587

Climate Change

(1) Pielke, Roger A.  Sr , Gregg Marland, Richard A. Betts, Thomas N. Chase, Joseph L. Eastman, John O. Niles,  Dev dutta S. Niyogi and Steven W. Running.  "The influence of land-use change and landscape dynamics on the climate system: relevance to climate-change policy beyond the radiative effect of greenhouse gases." Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. A (2002): 360, pp. 1705-1719.

(2) Groom, Martha J., Gary K. Meffe, and C. Ronald Carroll.  "Principles of Conservation Biology." Sunderland, Massachusetts:  Sinauer Associates, 2006.  Chapter 10.  (Camille Parmesan's article is in chapter 10.)  

Watson, Robert T., Ian R. Noble, Bert Bolin, N.H. Ravindranath, David J. Verardo, and David J. Dokken.  "IPCC Special Report on Land Use, Land-Use Change And Forestry."  United Nations Environmental Programme (2000): <http://www.grida.no/climate/ipcc/land_use/index.htm>

Sage Grouse and Desert Habitat Preservation

The Nature Conservancy
Defenders of Wildlife
Oregon High Desert Museum

(2) Miller, R.F., Eddleman, L.L. 2000. Spatial and temporal changes of sage grouse habitat in the sagebrush biome, Tech. Bull. 51 Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR   

(3) Paige, C., Ritter, S.A. 1999. Birds in a sagebrush sea: managing sagebrush habitats for bird communities. Partners in Flight Western Working Group Boise, ID  

Special thanks to Kirk Davies of Oregon State University, who provided information on this topic.  

Species Preservation

Amphibian Ark:  An organization working to save amphibians, especially frogs, from extinction through many causes including a fungal infection that is spreading worldwide.  

The Xerces Society:  Smart people protecting pollinators and other invertebrates.  


NW Hiker
Friends of the Gorge
Washington Trails Association


Fine Print Imaging: If you want to make a beautiful fine-art print, this lab delivers.
Charles Cramer
Dale Strouse
Ryan DesJardins
Nitroprint.com:  Quality offset printing, quick turnaround, great value.  

Pollution and Toxics Reduction

Physicians for Social Responsibility
Beyond Pesticides
Beyond Toxics

Sustainable Practices

Carbonfund.org (tax-deductible carbon mitigation for your car)

Other Organizations

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center (The Dalles, Oregon)
Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center (Stevenson, Washington)


Lensjoy.com LLC Nature and Landscape Photography
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