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The Lensjoy.com web site does not collect customer information unless you make a purchase or send Cardjoy electronic cards.  .  If you make a purchase from the site, the PayPal service provides Lensjoy.com with your name, shipping address, email address, and the item that you purchased.  All customers making a purchase are automatically added to our mailing list.  To be removed from our mailing list send email or a postcard and I will remove your name.  None of the information you provide is shared with other companies.  

The PayPal service collects customer address information and your credit card number for shipping and billing purposes.  If you have any concerns about the PayPal service, please review their privacy statement or print the "Review Order" form and send me the printed form along with a personal check for the amount due.  See the Contact page for my address.  

Special Information for CardjoyTM Electronic Card Users

In order to process your card, Lensjoy.com must store your name and email address, the recipient's name and email address, and your message to the recipient.  This information is stored for 14 days after you send a card, then it is deleted from our online database.  Although Lensjoy.com takes all necessary precautions to safeguard this information, system administrators may see this information as part of normal maintenance operations.  Lensjoy.com will make our best effort to keep the information secure, but cannot guarantee the safety of such information from unauthorized access.   Lensjoy.com will not sell or share any information collected from Cardjoy electronic cards with third parties.  Electronic card users will not receive any email solicitations unless you opt in to our mailing list and confirm the double opt-in notice we send you.  

Lensjoy.com may analyze statistics from card records to evaluate trends or improve its services.  Such analysis is conducted in a way that does not reveal personal information.  

Use of Cookies

The site makes use of cookies if you send an electronic card in order to identify you as a user.  We include an identifier to keep your session separate from other users and to expire old sessions in situations where a person fails to complete entering a card order, such as a system failure or network outage.  The identifying information is anonymous; your name and email address cannot be obtained through reading the cookie.  The identifier is deleted from the cookie after you successfully send your card.  


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