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The following list includes titles and descriptions of photos available for stock use.  Click on the title to see the photo and supporting text.  If you wish to inquire about Lensjoy.com stock photography, see the Contact page.  I can provide repro-quality scans at 100MB+ resolution for any photo to meet the most demanding publication requirements.  1080p and 4K images are also available for video applications.  

All photography is in color by default, but black-and-white versions are available by request.  

A * next to the title indicates that other pictures and/or orientations of the subject are available in addition to the one displayed on this site; contact me for further details.  Orientation is indicated by the notations square, portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) in the description.  In most cases, cropping is possible to change the layout of a photo if desired.  

Picture Title



Acceptance 35mm landscape of a pair of Sage Grouse

Anise Swallowtail on Lupine 35mm digital capture of butterfly on lupine flower
Antelope Valley Poppy Field 4x5 landscape of California poppies at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, California

Atlantis Fritillary 35mm portrait of butterfly on orange agoseris flower
Autumn's Embrace* 4x5 landscape of fall color vine maples, Mt. Hood, and Lost Lake, Oregon.  Also available in a portrait crop.  

Avalanche Lilies* 35mm portrait of Avalanche Lilies

Ayers Rock Pool 35mm landscape of a pool on Ayers Rock, Australia
Balsamroot* 35mm square Balsamroot flower photo
Balsamroot at Tom McCall Preserve 35mm landscape of sunset at Tom McCall Preserve, Columbia Gorge
Beauty Revealed 4x5 portrait in Antelope Canyon Arizona
Bleeding Heart 35mm portrait of Bleeding Heart flowers
Blue Butterfly 35mm landscape blue butterfly photo
Blue Gentian 35mm portrait Blue Gentian flower photo
Bunchberry and Paintbrush 645 portrait of Indian Paintbrush and Canadian Dogwood flowers in Columbia Gorge
Calypso Orchid* 35mm portrait Calypso Orchid photo
Camassia Essence* 645 landscape of a Blue Camas flower
Camassia Preserve* 4x5 landscape of trees and flowers at Camassia Preserve in West Linn, Oregon
Cape Sebastian* 645 landscape of sunset on southern Oregon coast
Clearing Storm, Painted Hills 4x5 landscape of Painted Hills in John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon after a thunderstorm
Cloaked in White 4x5 portrait of Mt. Rainier in late afternoon with Avalanche Lilies in foreground
Clodius Parnassian 35mm landscape of butterfly on wood background
Columbia Gorge Sunrise* 4x5 landscape of sunrise in the Columbia Gorge showing Beacon Rock
Columbia Hills 4x5 landscape of balsamroot and lupines at Columbia Hills Natural Area Preserve, Washington
Columbia Meadows 4x5 landscape of balsamroot and lupines with Mt. Hood in the eastern Columbia Gorge
Cottonwood 4x5 portrait of cottonwood tree with golden leaves in Zion National Park, Utah
Creator's Signature I 4x5 landscape of sunset clouds reflected in Columbia River Gorge, Washington/Oregon
Creator's Signature II 4x5 portrait of sunset reflections in Columbia River, Oregon
Crooked Creek 4x5 portrait of creek and meadow in Bird Creek Meadows, Mt. Adams, Washington
Crossover Falls 645 portrait of waterfall and Glacier Lilies along Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon
Curtain of Dawn 4x5 landscape of Mt. Rainier reflected in alpine tarn
Dancing Forest 645 landscape of forest near Viento State Park in Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon
Day and Night 4x5 portrait, reflections in a stream in Utah
Dipper 645 (cropped) landscape of a water ouzel on a lakeshore at sunrise in Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness
Dog Mountain 4x5 portrait of a wildflower-carpeted slope in the Columbia Gorge.  
Dreams of Springtime 36MP digital capture of balsamroot flowers with clouds in eastern Columbia Gorge.  
Duality 4x5 portrait of "woody toadstool" rock formations in Utah
Eagle Creek Cliff View 4x5 portrait, a canyon in Eagle Creek, Columbia Gorge Scenic Area
East Gorge Sunset* Landscape or portrait 10 megapixel digital capture of winter sunset in eastern Columbia Gorge
Easter Island Moai* 35mm landscape of statues on Easter Island
Enchanted Waterfall 4x5 landscape of waterfall in Columbia Gorge with glowing green water
Fallen Euonymus 4x5 landscape, red Euonymus leaves carpeting the ground
Fountain of Life 4x5 portrait of Opal Creek in central Cascades range, Willamette National Forest, Oregon
Frozen Waves* 4x5 portrait, sandstone in Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Glacier Lily 645 portrait, Glacier Lily flowers near Hood River, Oregon
God's Altar 4x5 portrait of sandstone alcoves in Zion National Park, Utah
Gorge Sunrays 35mm landscape, sunset in the Columbia Gorge
Grass Widows* 645 portrait of brilliant magenta flowers found in the Columbia Gorge. 
The Great Gallery 4x5 landscape panorama of petroglyph panel in Horseshoe Canyon, Utah
The Great White Throne 4x5 portrait of rock formation in Zion National Park
The Guardians* 4x5 landscape of an oak grove in autumn in Zion National Park
Healing Waters* 4x5 portrait of green and blue reflections in a stream in the Columbia Gorge
Heather Wonderland 4x5 portrait of pink mountain heather, Mt. Hood Wilderness, Oregon
Heron Sunset 35mm portrait of Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) silhouetted against sunset-lit water in Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area
Highwood Lake 4x5 landscape of Highwood Lake in Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest with fall color and reflection of Mt. Shuksan
Individuality 4x5 portrait, Indian Paintbrush flower surrounded by a field of Avalanche Lilies
Inspiration Point 4x5 landscape of sandstone formations in Bryce Canyon, Utah
Kona Sunset 35mm landscape , ocean sunset in Kona, Hawaii
Lazuli Landing 4x5 portrait of balsamroot flowers in bloom on Dog Mountain, Washington
Liquid Satin 645 landscape of a red rose
Little Green Hairstreak 35mm portrait, Callophrys sheridanii butterfly
Lorquin's Admiral 35mm portrait, Lorquin's Admiral butterfly
Mesa Arch 4x5 landscape of arch at sunrise in Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Metlako Falls* 4x5 portrait, a waterfall in the Columbia Gorge
Milbert's Tortoiseshell 35mm landscape of butterfly feeding on aster
Mirror Lake 645 portrait of this lake in Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness
Mount Hood Winter Sunrise 4x5 portrait Mt. Hood sunrise photo 
Mountain Bluebells 645 portrait of Campanula rotundifolia flowers taken at Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Washington
Mountain Lady Slipper 35mm portrait Lady Slipper Orchid photo, central Oregon
Mt. Adams and Indian Paintbrush* 35mm portrait, Mt. Adams with Indian Paintbrush flowers in foreground
Oak Arch 4x5 landscape of Oregon white oak tree arching over a view of the Columbia River looking eastward with lupines in the foreground. 
Oak Canyon 4x5 landscape of oak forest in fall, eastern Columbia Gorge, Washington
Oneonta Gorge 4x5 portrait of Oneonta Gorge in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon
Opal Creek Cascades 4x5 portrait of waterfall in Opal Creek Wilderness, Oregon
Oregon Wildflowers Landscape digital composition of several Oregon wildflower images
Painted Lady* 35mm portrait, Painted Lady butterfly on aster flower
Painted Lady on Cosmos 35mm landscape, Painted Lady butterfly on cosmos flower
Paradise Park Tree and Flowers 4x5 portrait, flowers and tree along Mt. Hood's Timberline Trail
Patagonia Sunrise* 35mm landscape, sunrise light on Torres del Paine, Chile
Peace 35mm landscape, "Peace" rose
Perham Creek 35mm portrait, creek in Columbia Gorge
Poppies II* 35mm portrait of California poppies
Rainbow Pool 4x5 landscape of leaves, branches, and colorful reflections in Vermont
Rainier Paradise 4x5 landscape of Mt. Rainier with fall huckleberry foliage at Paradise Meadows
Ramona Falls* 645 portrait of Ramona Falls near Mt. Hood, Oregon
Ridge Checkerspot 35mm landscape of checkerspot butterfly (Euphydryas editha)
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet* 35mm landscape of a male bird displaying red crest (Regulus calendula)
Sage Grouse* 35mm landscape of strutting Sage Grouse
Sailboat and Volcan Osorno 35mm landscape of a sailboat on a lake in Chile with volcanic peaks in distance
Sea Turtle 35mm landscape of Sea Turtle in Hawaii
She Who Watches* 35mm landscape, famous petroglyph/ pictograph with raccoon-eyes motif
Shooting Star* 35mm portrait, shooting star flower
Snow Canyon 4x5 portrait of Snow Canyon, Utah
Song Sparrow 35mm landscape of a Song Sparrow in Malheur Wildlife Refuge
Soul of Oregon* 4x5 landscape of reflections in Santiam River, Oregon
Steens Fritillary 35mm portrait of Fritillary butterfly on aster
Sulfur Butterfly 35mm landscape of Sulfur butterfly on aster
Summer Lupines, Mt. Hood 35mm digital capture of lupine field in Mt. Hood Wilderness
The Third Day 4x5 landscape of stream in Columbia Gorge, Oregon side
Tiger Swallowtail 35mm landscape of Papilio rutulus on mock orange
Tom McCall Preserve* 4x5 landscape of balsamroot and lupine field 
Toroweap Overlook 4x5 portrait of sunrise from viewpoint on Grand Canyon north rim, Arizona
Trilliums 4x5 portrait of Trilliums in bloom in Tryon Creek State Park, Oregon
Tsagiglalal 35mm landscape of "She Who Watches" petroglyph/pictograph at Horsethief Lake State Park, Washington
Two Rivers 645 portrait of pink flowers and Columbia River, view from Washington side
Vermont Gold 4x5 portrait of golden yellow reflections in a Vermont stream
Walk Among Us 4x5 landscape of aspen grove in Utah
Western Meadow Fritillary 35mm landscape of Fritillary butterfly in Washington
Western Meadowlark 35mm portrait, meadowlark on a fencepost
Whispers of Autumn* 4x5 landscape, water reflections in Santiam River, Oregon
Wildhorse Lake 645 landscape, Wildhorse Lake in Steens Mountain, Oregon
Willow Creek Preserve 4x5 portrait, Blue Camas and Buttercup flowers in Eugene, Oregon
Wy'east Garden 4x5 portrait, flower-filled meadow in Mt. Hood Wilderness, Oregon
Zion Creek Bed 4x5 landscape, colorful fall leaves and stone in Zion National Park, Utah

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All images, text, and design copyright Chris Carvalho.  Reproduction restricted to terms of the Limited Use Agreement.

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