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Ramona Falls, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon


Ramona Falls -- Photo  Chris Carvalho/Lensjoy.com



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Ramona Falls is a popular spot located on the slopes of Mount Hood, a cathedral of quiet beauty.   Years ago it was easily reached by a short walk.  Increased visitor traffic resulted in the Forest Service locating the trailhead farther from the waterfall so it's now a six-mile hike to reach it, putting it beyond the reach of some.  One of the things I seek to do with my photography is make it possible for those who cannot visit natural areas to have a way of experiencing them.  

I have visited Ramona Falls at least once a year since I've lived in Oregon, the first few trips with a camera.  Most times the photos were disappointing and after a while I gave up.  Later I discovered it is a place that is a challenge for the photographer but good photos are possible with the right light and equipment.  I needed a wide-angle lens, a cloudy day, and medium-format film to produce this photo.  The lens is needed because there are large trees close to the waterfall; unless you have one there's no way to get a picture without tree trunks blocking the view.  A cloudy day helps to keep the contrast between the water and the dark rocks and forest manageable.  It also seems to give the rocks more detail.  They look drippingly wet in this shot.  

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