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This page has useful information concerning your purchase.  Be sure to read it if you're a first-time purchaser.  


All photographs from Lensjoy.com have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days after it arrives, return the print for replacement or a full refund of the purchase price.  Email me and I will provide return instructions.  

Note:  This guarantee does not cover damage done by the framer or by the purchaser if the print is mishandled after receipt.  Contact your frame shop for reimbursement if they damage the print.  If your print is on Fuji Supergloss material and your framer is unfamiliar with handling it, provide them with the framing instructions page included with the print.   

Print Mounting and Materials

All prints are mounted on white acid-free matboard.  For sizes up to 24x30, 4-ply thickness is used.   Larger sizes use 8-ply board.  The matboard is signed at the lower-right corner of the print.  Another white acid-free overmat is placed on top of the print leaving approximately 1/2 inch spacing between the overmat cutout and the edge of the print (1/4 inch spacing for 8x10 prints).  This treatment creates an image that shows the exact cropping I chose for the print since there is no overlapping mat to hide the edges.  It is more costly to produce, but I believe it is the best way to exhibit a photograph.  The overmat thickness is 4-ply for sizes up to 16x20, 8-ply for larger sizes.  Each print is shipped with instructions for framing and care.  For 8x10 prints, the mat size is exactly 11x14 allowing the print to go into a standard frame.  

Please note that the copyright notice appearing on the images on the web will not appear on the image you purchase.  The copyright information, date of reproduction, and print title will be on the back of the matboard.   

Digital Prints

Digital prints are produced on the CSI Lightjet, Durst Lambda, or ZBE Chromira printers.  These devices can be thought of as digital optical enlargers.  They use light to expose an image pixel by pixel on photographic paper, which is then processed using normal darkroom chemistry.  The resulting prints are a real photograph and have the same archival life as a traditional print.  When producing a digital image I do all necessary computer work myself and control all aspects of the production process, providing you with an image that is an expression of my artistic vision.  

Credit Card Information and International Shipping

When you make a purchase with a credit card, the payment is processed through the PayPal service.  This service uses a secure connection to your web browser so providing your credit card number is safe.  If you prefer to pay by personal check or do not wish to register for a PayPal account, please print the "Review Order" form (the page that appears after you choose the size of your print.) Send me the printed form along with a personal check or money order for the amount due.  See the Contact page for my address.  

If you place your order online I can only ship to addresses in the USA.  If you are an international client I can make special arrangements if you contact me via email.  All international orders require the use of an escrow service to protect against fraud and a fee for this service will be added to your order.  Shipping costs are extra and will be quoted when I respond to your email.  

Print Sizes

Print sizes refer to the paper used to make the print, not the actual size of the image.  Because of differences in film formats and cropping, the finished print will always be smaller than the print size.  If you have a special need, contact me by email and I can often prepare a print at a specific size.  There is a 5% charge for this service.  For some photographs larger sizes are not possible due to film grain or sharpness of the image.  

Since your print is mounted on matboard the frame size you'll need will be larger than the print size.  The table below shows approximate frame sizes for each print size.  All measurements are in inches.  

Print Size Size of Frame (approximate)
8x10 11x14
11x14 16x20
11x11 16x16
16x20 24x28
16x16 24x24
20x24 28x36
20x20 28x28
24x30 34x40
24x24 34x34
24x36 34x46
30x30 40x40
30x40 40x50

If there is something you would like that is not offered, such as a special print finish please contact me and I will let you know if it is possible.  


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All images, text, and design copyright Chris Carvalho.  Reproduction restricted to terms of the Limited Use Agreement.

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