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Oregon Wildflowers


Oregon Wildflowers -- Photo © Chris Carvalho/Lensjoy.com Previous Next

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Oregon Wildflowers was my first digital print, the final project for a course in Photoshop at Pacific Northwest College of Art.  My concept was to display the beauty of flowers found in several parts of the state in a single image.  So many people liked the print that I made some refinements and then started to sell it as a limited edition.  

These are the flowers, starting from the left in clockwise direction: 

Delphinium nuttallianum, (Nuttall’s Larkspur), Three Sisters Wilderness
Aquilegia formosa (Red Columbine), Saddle Mountain, Oregon coast range
Aster foliaceus (Leafy Aster); butterfly: Colias philodice (Common Sulphur), Eagle Cap Wilderness
Calypso bulbosa (Calypso Orchid), Mill Creek Wilderness, Ochoco National Forest
Iris douglasiana (Douglas’ Iris), Saddle Mountain
Background:  forest floor, Saddle Mountain

I am grateful to John Mullin, my instructor, for his help and encouragement toward making my dream of a new career come true.  


Info:  Fuji Crystal Archive Matte print of digital composition. Limited edition of 250 copies.  Available in one size only, 10-3/4" x 14-1/2".  Copyright citation does not appear on print.  
Photo Title:  Oregon Wildflowers

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