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This gorgeous sunset happened in May 2000 on one of my trips to Dog Mountain, located on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area.  My primary intention was to photograph the flowers, but the light at sunset often was best for doing that.  Which meant I would be descending four miles and roughly 2500 feet as darkness fell.  After finishing up with some flower shots the clouds opened up and this marvelous scene unfolded.  I quickly changed lenses and watched with surprise, hoping the camera would record what I was seeing.  It did.  

After the light faded night fell quickly.  Being alone, my ears perked up in the darkness and heard the smallest sounds, a few were startling--but my imagination was more active than the animals on the mountain.  

I needed to wait twelve years after shooting the film to realize the potential in this image.  While the sun and clouds are spectacular, the dark trees and shrubs in the foreground are what give the image depth and interest.  Without them, it would appear flat and offer less to the eye at the bottom of the frame.  The latest scanning technology and custom calibration are a requirement in order to render dark shadows like these from film.  The excitement that results is well worth the extra effort and cost.  

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