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The Balsamroot (Balsamhoriza deltoidea) is a flower that says "joy."  This one was growing on Dog Mountain in the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area.  In May the slopes of this mountain explode into a golden carpet of blooms, a show that attracts thousands of hikers.  Winds blow briskly across the open hillside making the flowers dance as if they are celebrating the arrival of spring.  Photographers curse silently hoping for a quiet moment to snap the shutter!

In May 2000 I visited Dog Mountain five times in two weeks, each time climbing 3000 feet and eight miles with a pack loaded with camera gear.  What a way to get in shape.  For all that effort, I have several great pictures including this one .  It taught me that photographing nature can be very hard work but rewarding, too.  Balsamroot flowers can be found on many trails from the central to eastern portions of the gorge, as well as roadsides along Highway 14 in Washington, Catherine Creek near the town of Bingen, and along the historic Columbia River Highway near Mosier.  

For more photos of this flower see Balsamroot at Tom McCall Preserve, Lazuli Landing, and Dog Mountain.


Info:  Chromira digital print of Provia 100F 35mm slide, cropped square as shown above.


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