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Mirror Lake (Wallowa mountains, Oregon)


Mirror Lake -- Photo  Chris Carvalho/Lensjoy.com



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The Wallowa mountains of northeastern Oregon are one of the state's crown jewels.  They include the Eagle Cap Wilderness, a hiker's paradise.  For those traveling up the East Fork Lostine River, Mirror Lake is a popular first night's camp.  Early in the fall of 2002 I spent three days there and had pleasant weather.  In the summer months it can be crowded, but later in the season there was the peace and quiet I was seeking.  

On this still morning the lake lived up to its name, and there was a touch of alpenglow on Eagle Cap.  After several trips to the area I have many photographs, but this one comes closest to distilling the grandeur of the place into one image.  When I left for home the next day the rope I used to hang my food out of the reach of bears got stuck in a tree.  I had to cut off what I could salvage and leave the rest behind.  Having this picture as a gift from such a special place, I will be back to repay the favor and find a way to take down that rope.  


Info:  Chromira digital print of Velvia 645 chrome, Fuji Crystal Archive CD paper

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