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Snow Canyon, Utah


Snow Canyon -- Photo  Chris Carvalho/Lensjoy.com



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Utah's Snow Canyon State Park is a short drive from the city of St. George.  The desk clerk at the motel I was staying at was an outdoor enthusiast and gave me a long list of places to visit.  We talked for quite a while, and he was most envious of my decision to begin a photography career and explore the place where he lived.  On my way back to the airport I decided to make a short stop in the park based on his advice.  There was enough time to perhaps shoot one scene if I found something interesting.  Much of the week had been rainy and not the best weather for sightseeing.  On this day, the rain stopped around midmorning and the clouds began to clear. 

I drove the length of the park and stopped at a promising spot.  Here, the sky had a peculiar purplish shade to it and the towering rocks looked like they would show interesting textures if the sun broke out.  The clouds still looked menacing but the sun poked through briefly, granting my wish.  The rain that morning also helped to intensify the colors of the rocks.  I took three exposures while keeping an eye on the time so as not to miss the flight home.  It was a great way to end the trip.

I saw so much beauty during the short time I spent there.  I know I will return to Snow Canyon for more photographs.  

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