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Camassia Essence (Eugene, Oregon)


Camassia Essence -- Photo  Chris Carvalho/Lensjoy.com



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The Blue Camas (Camassia quamash) is a celebrated flower throughout Oregon literature and native American culture.  Besides its role as an important food for native Americans, the flower is a faithful companion to springtime visitors of Oregon's natural areas.  Sometimes a meadow can be so thick with blossoms that it looks more like a deep blue lake.  

This flower was blooming at The Nature Conservancy's Willow Creek preserve in Eugene.  I sought to make a photograph that was more impressionistic and focused only on the flower's anthers, leaving the rest slightly blurred.  I also wanted to show the flower at close range, but in a way that emphasized the deep blues and purples through a creative composition.  The result was so pleasing that it has become one of my favorites.  


Info:  Chromira digital print of Velvia 4x5 chrome, Fuji Crystal Archive CD paper

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