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Day and Night, Dixie National Forest, Utah


Day and Night -- Photo  Chris Carvalho/Lensjoy.com



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This pleasant scene is from Utah's Dixie National Forest.  The aspens were at their peak of fall color and besides photographing the trees I wanted to try some stream reflections to see how they would turn out .  One stream looked promising but I was too late the first day so I came back a day later.  I still wasn't sure that the photo would be worth the effort; the light wasn't very good and it was tough to find a spot to place the camera where the rocks and water would create a pleasing arrangement.  Finally I found a location that looked right.  I can remember thinking that I'll just shoot a couple of sheets of film and save the rest for some other places I was planning to visit later in the trip.  

After waiting a while the light improved a bit then suddenly the water started glowing with the most wonderful combination of cobalt blue and gold.  Sticking  to my original decision to save film, I took the two photos and moved on.  Two weeks later after developing the film I couldn't believe the results.  The colors in that stream were alive.  The print evokes many different ideas from friends who've seen it so far.  Sky, clouds, water, and the contrast between day and night are all here.  I thought I had missed the chance to get the photo I was seeking but had it all along.  

This image is a reminder to me to go with the flow of life, we don't have to stay with the old decisions we've made when circumstances change.  Next time, I'll take a few more shots!  The light you see is natural; no filters were used when I took the picture.  

Info:  Chromira digital print of Velvia 4x5 chrome

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