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In 1989 I took a trip to Australia.  It was my first international trip and after that I was hooked on visiting other countries.  The Australian people were wonderful and the trip was definitely too short.  I visited again several years later.  On my first trip I visited the famous Ayers Rock.  That year there was a very wet summer and the Outback was green in many places, hardly like the desert it usually is.  One's first impression of Ayers Rock is that it is a dry, dusty place but in reality it is deeply sculpted and has many spots for temporary pools of water.  The day I climbed the rock it was hot but a rainstorm hit the night before, making for some interesting views.  When I saw this pool with clouds reflected in it the appearance was surreal, as if I was looking through a mirror to another world.  

It seems to stretch on forever but the pool is only several feet in size and ends abruptly at a cliff.  A low camera angle enhances the size and makes the effect more striking.  This photo has hung in my living room for many years and serves as an inspiration to continue my work in nature photography.  


Info:  Chromira digital print of Kodachrome 64 35mm slide


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