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On my trip to Patagonia two friends and I backpacked the Paine Circuit trail in Chile's Torres del Paine national park .  It was a memorable and challenging trip that lasted six days.  We had reservations in a lodge for the final night of the trip, but arrived a day early.  There were no rooms available but they did have a nice campground so we spent the night there. We were most fortunate to have excellent weather; many people we met told us stories of nasty storms they encountered.  For us we had a saying that the weather was "morning showers followed by optional afternoon showers".  Midday and evenings tended to be clear and it felt like we were being watched over by a kind spirit.  

The sun comes up early in Patagonia and around 5:30 am I awoke to see this sight outside our tent the night we spent at the campground.  These are the park's famous towers, or Torres del Paine.  I scrambled outside and set up the camera in time to catch the light bouncing off the towers while a cloud's shadow passed across them.  It was a glorious start to the day.  If we had stayed in the lodge I wouldn't have this photo to share.  


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