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Beauty Revealed (Antelope Canyon, Arizona)


Beauty Revealed -- Photo  Chris Carvalho/Lensjoy.com



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This magical scene is from upper Antelope Canyon, Arizona.  At the right time of year light beams penetrate the depths of the slot canyon and transform it from a dark hollow into a stunning sculpture of glowing rock.  At the time I took this shot, four photographers were lined up waiting for the best time to snap the shutter.  During the best moments, several large tour groups passed through the area.  It was quite a challenge in logistics and crowd control to achieve the isolation needed to produce this image. 

Currently my work is evolving toward an expression of healing, meditation, and an exploration of the human spirit and how it relates to the natural world of which it is a part.  The titles I choose often express the meanings I find in the image.  The meaning a photograph communicates may not strike me until much later, and can continue to deepen over time .  

Without light, the canyon appears lifeless and dreary.  We are limited in what we see and understand about it.  The arrival of light changes everything.  Suddenly the beauty of the canyon is revealed in unexpected, wonderful ways; our understanding is enhanced.  It is truly a miraculous transformation.  It is profound that in nature, most of its beauty comes from light that is not part of the subject.  There is a relationship between subject and the source of light that must exist in the right conditions.  I believe the same holds for us as well.  How can we as people create a light that reveals the beauty of those around us?  Can we let the light from others illuminate our own beauty?  Be that source of light for someone.  Seek it for yourself too.  


Info:  Chromira digital print of Portra 160 VC 4x5 negative, Fuji Crystal Archive CD paper

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