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Perham Creek, Oregon


Perham Creek -- Photo  Chris Carvalho/Lensjoy.com



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Perham Creek is located in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area just west of Hood River in the Wygant State Park.  It is a little-known gem.  It's also one of the hardest areas to reach that I've photographed.  There is an old bridge crossing a cliff that is about to fall apart, poison oak everywhere, and vicious wasps.  On the trip when I took this photo I was stung and experienced a severe allergic reaction, the first one I ever had.  I was stung in the calf but a few minutes later my scalp started to itch and my face and lips became swollen.  I was alone at the time, far from the car, and very worried.  I made my way to the coolness of this creek to have some lunch and rest.  After waiting a while to see if I should try to get to a doctor, the itching and swelling started to clear up.  The next day my doctor told me I must carry an allergy kit on all hikes and dress in long clothes when wasps are active.  When I first started photographing the outdoors I was blissfully ignorant of the dangers.  Now I know that nature does bite back and that professional work is not the same as a leisurely walk in the woods.  

The forest in this area is an unusual mix of oak, fir, and cedar and has a feeling of coolness on the area's hot summer days.  The light is also magnificent for capturing the greens of the trees and moss and the creek's crystalline waters.  Because the brightest light is in the middle ground, the photo has a feeling of depth and dimensionality that draws the eye from the nearest water and mossy rocks to the bright foliage above the creek, then finally to the distant shadows back in the canyon.  

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