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Trilliums (Tryon Creek State Park, Portland, Oregon)


Trilliums -- Photo  Chris Carvalho/Lensjoy.com



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The Trillium, sometimes called Western Wake Robin (Trillium ovatum), is a glorious Northwest wildflower.  It is one of the first to bloom in spring and grows in moist, shady forests.  When I first moved to Portland the abundance of trilliums I found on hiking trips cemented my attachment with the land.  Appearing like tiny angels dancing on the lush forest floor, their deep green leaves and soft white flowers amazed me but proved difficult to photograph because of their threefold symmetry.  

We are fortunate to have Tryon Creek State Park located in the city.  It is a place with many native plants and an active steelhead trout run.  While on a walk in the park I found this cluster of flowers and perfect conditions to make a large-format photograph.  After more than 18 years of marveling at this plant I finally captured its beauty on film in a way that I am proud of.  The light was right to show the soft glow of the petals without making the leaves too dark; everything is pleasingly balanced.  


Info:  Chromira digital print of Provia 100F 4x5 chrome, Fuji Crystal Archive CD paper

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